About Us

Pebble Radiance was developed by a 25+ year veteran of the pool industry.  Tired of offering the same ol’ pool finish year after year, he decided to search out a new alternative.  And Pebble Radiance was born.

Sparkle SELLS!

Pebble Radiance was developed to help add value and brilliance to the once boring pool finishes on the market.  Now, any pool can sparkle with the enhancement of Pebble Radiance.

Iridescent, multi-hued, gem-like pebbles captures sunlight, enhances water reflection and adds dramatic sparkle to any plain pebble pool surface.

Simply add Pebble Radiance to any pool finish during the application process and experience the difference Pebble Radiance can make to your pool.

Maximizing Your Pool’s Value

As a leader in new technology and innovative product introductions, Pebble Radiance is committed to bring you the latest and greatest to enhance a pools value and style.